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Organic silicon based foliar fertilizer, bioactivator of natural defenses in plants.

BIOTIV (si‎) is a metabolic bioactivator which contains organic silicon, combined with the principles of biodynamics with an innovative marine algae biofermentation process (trabeculata lessonia, antartica Durvillea, lessonia nigrescens and Macrocystis integrifolia), allowing generation of bioactivation defences and induction of acquired systemic resistance in the plants. The addition of organic silicon, which is the most optimal way of delivering this nutritional element, is absorbed by the plant and acts on the metabolism of water, regulating the opening and closing stomata, decreasing evapotranspiration. In addition, organic silicon is deposited on the surface of leaves, stems and fruits, offering a physical protection against pathogens and pests attacks.

BIOTIV (si) acts at ground level, leaving available sources of phosphorus that are retained by elements such as Calcium (Ca), Iron (Fe) and Aluminum (Al), keeping the phosphorus available for absorption by the plant. Additionally, it decreases the leaching of Nitrogen and Potassium sources.

BIOTIV (si) acts at ground level, joining sources of exchangeable Aluminum, forming insoluble compounds, lowering the saturation rate of Aluminum in the soil, therefore reducing the phyto-toxicity caused by interchangeable aluminum in the roots. It also reduces the phyto-toxic effects caused by excess Manganese and heavy metals.

BIOTIV (si) is formulated to be used in technified irrigation systems or in foliar form during all phonological stages of crops. Recommended for usage in the initial stages of cultivation.
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