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GLU-K is a liquid nutrient with readily available Potassium, no use limitation, and no nocive salts. Potassium is necessary in the generation of sugars, starches and synthesis of proteins. It also assists in the regulation of water balance and provides resistance to adverse factors.


Glu-k strongly stimulates the synthesis of proteins and is ideal for all crops. As organic fertilizer, it is generally recognized as safe [ G.R.A.S].

It can be applied by leaf path or through fertigation. Its application prevents energy losses caused by other types of potassium-based fertilizers.

Glu-K is an organic fertilizer more rapidly available for culture that provides structural strength to the plant and roots. Nutrients are retained at the soil base.

Glu-K, due to its liquid form, is completely water-soluble, and thus simplifies full absorption.

Glu-K, with its sugar content, will not only help the plant absorb potassium, but will also improve the micro flora in the soil.

Its action stimulates photosynthesis and the enzymatic system in plants, thus improving the crop’s general condition and its resistance to adverse factors.

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