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When agriculture meets innovation


A unique nutrient that combines Silicon, Potassium, and two essential Amino acids


This nutrient is a metabolic bio-activator that contains organic Silicon and incorporates...


A mixture of Cu and Zn complex, enriched with both hydrated citric acid and lactic acid to efficiently correct ..


A metabolic and organic bio-activator, based on the bio-fermentation of 4 species of algae...


The central component in Glucomplex are gluconates. Gluconates are gluconic...


Blocks solar "burn" of fruits and acts as a filter to UV damaging radiation. Also fertilizes with Zn...


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Digital Strategy

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Is a carrier molecule and it's main constituent is a liposome fatty acid organic product OP...


Is a mixture of Triacontanol from bee wax and epicular serum of alfalfa... 


Seaweed with a high concentration of the algae Ecklonia maxima...

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