About us

Founded in 1994, Intertag Group is an association betweenLatin American, European and Israeli partners, active in nutri- phytosanitary solutions for agriculture, crop managing and other areasin the Agro-sector.

Intertag Group leads the spirit of innovation in the field of crops’ management according to special parameters, in the area of sanitary and nutritional needs for the plants.Through hard work and extensive research, we keep promoting the future of a greener and healthier agriculture, while manufacturing our very own groundbreaking line of products.​Nowadays, Intertag Group and its associates are moving forward to introduce the next generation of crop management products, and even after years of experience and hard work, Intertag’ Group is still as committed as ever to a greener, innovative future in agriculture.​Our world known experts are here to help guide you through the future of agriculture. For more information – don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Intertag Partners

Israel Intertag Ltd.



Intertag Ltd.

Sucursal España

Calle Velazquez 51, 28001 Madrid


Agrocom Inc. U.S.A

2727 Ponce de Leon Biva Coral Cables, Miami, Florida 33134


Intertag Colombia SAS

Calle 10A # 1A-01 - Mosquera,


BE1 Defense Technologies & Solutions

Ha'Maayan st., Ethereum2 bldng. Modiin, 178566, Israel


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