BIOSYNTH MAX, is a natural growth nutrient derived from 100% marine algae of the maximum Ecklonia species, which grows in extreme environmental conditions caused by sea currents. These algae reproduce and they live 12 hours in the dark of saline and cold waters and 12 hours under intense light in warm waters and little salt.
These algae are harvested during their growth period where their level of nutrients and auxins is the highest, containing a series important of nutrients, micronutrients in combination with carbohydrates, proteins (and amino acids), and vitamins in a very balanced way.
Its high auxinic percentage (23 mg / ltr) also gives it rooting properties.
Uses: Nutrient, which promotes a better growth of the crop, promotes flowering and fruiting and optimizes the incorporation of other nutrients in mixture. It has action by radical application (formation of better root system) and improves the condition of the rhizosphere of the crop.
It can be applied in applications to seeds, in applications via irrigation system or foliar.

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