BIOTIV-ONE is a mixture of Cu and Zn complex, enriched with both hydrated citric acid and lactic acid to efficiently correct deficiency states, even the most difficult to correct. It appears as a blue, homogeneous liquid and has a density of 1.235 at 20 degrees centigrade
Both citric and lactic acids are obtained by a naturally similar fermentation process, due to the action of Aspergillus niger alongside strains of high fermentative efficiency and Lactobacillus sp. for lactic acid, which act as complexing agents in the mixture.
This special form of chelation gives a high level of compatibility and assimilation to the tissues of plants, by having a similar pH level to that of the cells. In addition, the formation of natural defence substances (pre-inhibitants) is stimulated, which act against abiotic and biotic factors.
This organic complex is an adequate alternative as a foliar fertilizer because it allows greater absorption and mobility, with lower molecular weight, which increases the penetration into the plant and improves the use of minerals, while also having a high bio-stimulant effect with a lesser risk of phytotoxicity, and ultimately, low intake energy consumption of the product when applied to the crop.
BIOTIV-ONE is assimiated quickly and efficiently by foliar and radicular (fertigation) applications alike, and does not produce energetic wear in the crop once it is applied, on the contrary – it improves its energy balance. It is specifically suitable in conditions which reduce the availability of Zinc, for being a recuperator of the Zinc levels.
BIOTIV-ONE has a systemic character when applied as the majority is absorbed by the crop. Unlike other copper-based products, it does not act on micelles or organic particles in the soil as it keeps them in their original structure and so it does not tend to accumulate.

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