Special nutrient with a combination of Silicon, Potassium, and two essential Amino Acids: Tryptophan and Proline, in a liquid formulation supplemented with carboxylic acids.​

It enhances crop structure, growth, and bud differentiation. In addition, it is specially formulated to activate the ability of plants to adapt to situations that generate stress or imbalances in the water balance of plants (drought, excess water), high temperatures, and to enhance the reactivation of vegetative and reproductive development in crops.
The combinations of its components make BOOSTER-PLUS a unique and special nutrient and strengthener.
Applying it causes a generalized improvement in crop parameters, including, among others, improved resistance to abiotic and biotic stresses and helps to obtain crops with higher yields and post-harvest stability.
  • Produces structural rigidity in plant tissues, which acts as a physical barrier against biotic and abiotic factors.
  • It provides more structural stability to membranes and proteins. (It reduces cell wall pressure).
  • Promotes osmotic adjustment and stimulates water assimilation.
  • Improves photosynthesis.
  • Relieves stress situations due to its antioxidant capacity.
  • Activates the formation of plant hormones such as Auxins, Cytokinins, Phytoalexins.
  • Increases protein synthesis.
  • Promotes meristematic cell division.
  • Stimulates the formation and elongation of stems and promotes root growth.
  • Helps overcome salt stress and nutritional imbalances (Nitrogen excess and Phosphorus deficiency).
  • Promotes the formation of defense genes in the host/pathogen relationship and various substances with defensive action.
  • Crop energizer. (for its contribution to protein generation).
  • Promotes flowering and fruiting, and fruit fattening.
  • Enhances the assimilation of nutrients by the plant.
  • Improves post-harvest conditions and stability.
It is used in crops such as wheat, sugar cane, corn, rice, soybean,
beans, peanuts, fodder, and also leafy vegetables, tomato, garlic, onion, squash, melon, watermelon, potato, artichoke, and fruit trees: banana, mango, citrus, drupaceous vine, walnut, almond, pecan, papaya, pear, apple, kiwi and others such as coffee, strawberries, ornamentals, pineapple.
Please get in touch with our technical department for more detailed application and use instructions.

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