Spraying sun filter to protect crops from heat and radiation damage and to reduce temperatures in crops.
COOL PLANT is a product designed to be applied as sun filter in agriculture crops during summer periods to avoid damages caused by heat and radiation (sun strokes, quality reduction of fruits due to lack of rigidity and/or color, etc.).
COOL PLANT is a powder that can be sprayed with water with recommended a concentration percentage of 7 to 10%.
COOL PLANT is composed of Zinc Oxide. It is a calcium carbonate filler.
Zinc is an abundantly provided element of nature and is central to most live beings, including animals and plants. Zinc Oxide is used in fertilizers, animal food and additives, cosmetics, medicinal drugs, etc. Its use for the purposes just mentioned is authorized in the United States (by the FDA) and in the European Community (by the European Committee).
COOL PLANT is an innocuous material and, if used following instructions, it is safe to human beings. In no case it is classified as a dangerous material to the extent that it has not received a UN Number. Calcium Carbonate, which is an excipient of Zinc Oxide, is a material authorized to be part of food. In spite of that, an Acute Oral Exam was performed on mice to verify the toxic effects of COOL PLANT. Results show that the consumption of COOL PLANT is under no circumstances dangerous.

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