Growth stimulation properties of TRIACONTANOL have been discovered for the first time by Crosby and Vlitos in 1959 and later by Ries and others in 1977.
TRIACONTANOL is part of epicular serums of different vegetables (such as alfalfa, sugar cane, rice and others) and is also found in beeswax.It is a primary fatty alcohol (n-C30-H61-0H), lipophilic and of difficult formulation. The most common formulation method is a colloidal dispersion using alkyl sulfate as a dispersant agent, but there are many other methods such as polyunsaturated fatty acids dispersion.
Action method​
TRICON affects basic metabolic processes such as photosynthesis, nutrient absorption or enzymatic activities.To the date, in spite of the many studies carried out, the action site is still not clear and the action method is thought to have a cascade effect (see Reis, 1991). Vegetal cells are affected by a messenger agent with direct influence in the vegetable metabolism.

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